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Greenhouse Shading is essential during the summer months - even during a British summer the sun is able to increase temperatures within the greenhouse to such an extent that plants can be damaged - a surprising amount of damage from overheating and scorching can be done to your plants in a very short period of time. The simplest way to provide shade within your greenhouse is to apply a paint on shading to the outside of the glazing - modern shading paints react to sunlight, so when it rains the shading remains clear letting in full light and when sunny it turns white, reflecting the rays of the sun. The other way to shade your greenhouse is to use a shade fabric. Fit a shade fabric to the outside of your greenhouse for the maximum cooling effect - this is effective as it prevents the sun's rays from passing through the greenhouse glazing. Or you can fit greenhouse shading fabric to the inside of the greenhouse - it's easier to install inside but does not have the same cooling effect as fixing it outside as the sun's rays pass through the glazing and generate heat within the greenhouse. However, shading alone, will not protect your plants from heat damage - greenhouse shading needs to be combined with good greenhouse ventilation and humidity - the correct combination of these three factors will help create an environment that is suitable for healthy plant growth.

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